Eden Business Advisors

CEOs need a trusted confidant across a broad range of issues. Doug Eden is a proven senior executive with enormous credibility.

"Doug’s people skills were off the charts. He and I connected professionally and personally--he even integrated into our Executive team seamlessly. Doug’s skills and assistance in communications development has had the biggest impact to our organization. His advice on communicating plans, direction, and focus on clarity and precision has been well received by every employee.”
- Matthew Dlouhy - President/CEO of Communications Engineering Company

About Eden Business Advisors

Doug Eden founded EBA as a boutique advisory firm after a long career with Cargill, the largest privately owned company in the world. EBA exists solely to help CEOs of family businesses think and act more resourcefully to provide the leadership for profitable and sustainable growth.

About Doug Eden

Doug Eden is a global minded senior executive who has successfully transformed and grown a wide variety of businesses. He has inspired teams from around the world, expertly performed numerous functional roles, and served as Chairman of a diverse set of boards and joint ventures.

Doug is an ideal trusted advisor to CEOs of family businesses who are confronted with a broad range of issues to unlock inherent and strategic value.


Excerpts from RMI Analytics World Barley, Malt & Beer Conference 2015

What Other Executives Have Said About Doug

"As the leader of a medium size business I have no one I can talk to about the transitions and Issues I am faced with. Your broad expertise and genuine approach made it easy to trust you. I was amazed how quickly you came up to speed on our business and the issues we faced. Together we arrived at a plan that helped us to transcend into something radically different. I think you can manage change well. You are patient and can navigate through some of the political aspects of our business without the scorched earth theory but yet in your calm way you motivate change. Also, with your international experience, you helped us expand into new global markets. "
"One of your strengths that impresses me most is your ability to make people feel very comfortable, i.e. you have the natural talent to bring the best out of them. Combined with your tremendous business and international experiences, you have wisdom that is extremely valuable."
"When I think of you I think of a balanced leader. A leader who listens and opines after considering the views of key contributors. One capable of directing an organization towards a desired result through their efforts and correcting their path along the way if necessary- but not necessarily towards the way you would have taken. You adhere to the mission while cleverly and strategically achieving the end."